Definitive Proof That Blue Cheese Will Always Be Better Than Ranch

    Ranch will always be the inferior condiment.

    For years humans have debated over the age old question of which dipping sauce is better: Blue Cheese or Ranch?

    Ranch advocates stand firm in their beliefs that the runny, disgusting sauce they love is superior to blue cheese.

    However, they are sadly mistaken.

    Behold! The Ambrosia of dipping sauces.

    When you go to a restaurant and the server accidentally give you ranch, this is the face you make.

    The person who made this graphic was obviously paid to skew these percentages.

    You know that placing even a smidgen of ranch on a hot wing desecrates the entire thing, right?

    Adding blue cheese to your favorite foods enhances the eating experience.

    Blue cheese is versatile.

    You can add the crumbles to your hamburger.

    You can spell blue cheese two ways.

    And there there you have it. Blue cheese wins.