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Barack Obama Upgraded His Style Of Jeans And People Are Living For It

Someone's been reading GQ.

It's no secret that former president Barack Obama cleans up well. The man looks great in a suit.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

And yes, of course Michelle Obama always looks great too, but we're here to discuss Mr. Obama today.

During his downtime, the former commander-in-chief frequently rocked dad jeans. In fact, his proclivity for that particular jean is well-documented.

Tim Sloan / AFP / Getty Images

The thing is, though, not even Obama could make dad jeans cool — they're so big and the color is so plain.

Pool / Getty Images

Despite the dad trousers' lack of popularity, he continued to wear them, and the people of the world had to deal.

Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images

But that all seemed to change when Mr. Obama recently appeared looking like he just walked off a runway in Milan, wearing fitted jeans, a crisp ironed shirt, and a leather jacket.

Jose Luis Magana / AP

It definitely looks like someone has been reading GQ.

Jose Luis Magana / AP

*Tyra Banks voice* You are safe from elimination this week, Obama, and you will continue on in the hope of becoming America's Next Top Model.

Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images
Jose Luis Magana / AP

Of course, the change in his style has not gone unnoticed by people on Twitter. "How dare you, sir," one user tweeted in response to the style upgrade.

Barack Obama gave us 8 years of "dad jeans" knowing all the while that this was possible. How dare you sir!

Folks certainly approve.

No more "dad jeans" for President Obama. He looks so stylish!

The dad jeans are no more, at least for now.

Dude finally lost the dad jeans. #obama

"I guess I'll do a little modeling now." —Obama, probably

President Barack Obama out here living his best life and looking like the next cover of GQ

Here's to being a fashion icon,* Mr. Obama. / Via

*Even though all credit probably goes to Mrs. Obama.

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