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Cara Delevingne Freaked Out Other Members Of Taylor's Squad During A Group Trip

Just normal Fourth of July stuff.

Cara Delevingne, the top model turned actress, stopped by The Late Late Show last night to do a bit of press for her upcoming film, Suicide Squad.

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Delevingne will be playing the role of Enchantress in the movie.

While chatting, the always bubbly James Corden asked Cara about the last time she'd pulled a prank on someone.

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And apparently, it'd happened very recently, during a visit to Taylor Swift's house over the Fourth of July weekend.

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Delevingne concocted a plan to freak out Kesha and the Haim sisters...

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...along with the help of Uzo Aduba and Ruby Rose.

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According to Cara, they all got flashlights and speakers and made sound effects as a means of frightening their friends.

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They really pulled out all of the stops.

Thankfully, Cara, Uzo, and Ruby's plan went off without a hitch, but the best and possibly weirdest part, is that Kesha and the Haim sisters tried to call the police...on ghosts.

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That's right. Cara, Uzo, and Ruby successfully petrified a few members of Taylor's infamous squad.

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But no worries — they're all still really tight with each other.

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And in case you were wondering, Hiddleswift was in on the joke. Tom was apparently "peeing himself" in a corner when the whole thing went down.

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And there you have it: Cara Delevingne proving she can be creepy onscreen as well as off.

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