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Can We Talk About How Woke Matt McGorry Was In 2015?

He was so bae and so woke.

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McGorry had a pretty great 2015, too. He continued his work in not one, but two hit television shows: Orange Is the New Black and How To Get Away With Murder...

This year McGorry wrote an essay for Cosmopolitan on what it's like to become a feminist.

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"I've never been told not to cry. My parents never told me to "man up"; if anything, they taught me that expressing vulnerability is braver than putting on a stoic front — the alternative response so highly prized by male culture. I was taught that my insecurities, my fears, and my hurt were best shared with the people around me, rather than locked away in a box built of faux toughness," McGorry wrote.


Matt acknowledges his privilege as a white heterosexual male and uses his platform as a celebrity to speak on a multitude of social issues.

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While reading The New Jim Crow, McGorry posted this caption on his Instagram: "It gives an incredible look at how the US criminal justice system fails and discriminates against people of color and specifically black folks. I'm embarrassed that I didn't come across the information in this book sooner. But that's white privilege for ya."

He definitely didn't shy away from how brown people can be categorized as threats, especially in the United States. *sips tea*

Instagram: @mattmcgorry

Listen up, straight white men of the world: Be more like Matt.

Instagram: @mattmcgorry