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    21 Call Center Horror Stories That'll Give You Nightmares

    "I knew he was pooping because he had me on speaker phone and I could hear every little plop."


    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their worst experiences with working in a call center. Here are the results:

    1. The man who lied about his son dying.

    "I had another man tell me his child was dead so they wouldn't have to continue paying on the student loan debt. When I then asked for a certified death certificate, he laughed, and said he was kidding. He proceeded to pay over the phone with a credit card in a very long, awkward silence." -___-

    Submitted by camillavilla

    2. The cocaine incident.

    "I work for an AT&T call center and I think the strangest call I had was from a woman whose boyfriend had kicked her out and suspended her phone line after he had already burned her belongings. All because she refused to let him use cocaine in the house..."

    Submitted by ravengabriellel

    3. The caller who was a little too candid.

    "I once had a caller tell me, 'My period looks like ground beef and catsup. Will your vitamins help with that?'"

    Submitted by katelynryanm

    Fox / Via

    4. The raging misogynist.

    "Working in tech support I was walking a guy through how to reset his router and he became frustrated so he said, 'Listen sweetie, I know you're trying, but why don't you put a man on the phone who knows how to do this stuff.'"

    Submitted by alexandradalmoro

    5. The potential murderer.

    "I was making a first call to a customer. The name was female so when a man picked up I just expected it to be a classic wrong number conversation. Wrong. The man said, 'Call this number again and I will fucking kill you.'"

    Submitted by carlyh498ccf8d0

    6. The man who thinks sex will solve all life's problems.

    "I sell cell phones to senior citizens — yeah, the Jitterbug ones. I had a 'gentleman' call in asking if I can reduce his bill since he used way too many minutes than allowed. I, of course, told him no and he kept insisting. Finally he gave up. He then got quiet and said, "Get laid." My response? "Yes sir, I will. Tonight. Unlike you. Have a fantastic evening."

    Submitted by j43695dc78

    VH1 / Via

    7. The lunatic.

    "I was told 'Shut the fuck up, I will blow up the building you work in, find your family and kill them all,' and then he proceeded to kindly ask to be removed from the calling list and told me to enjoy the rest of my evening."

    Submitted by cammieh2

    8. The caller who managed to take vulgarity to new heights.

    "You have a nice voice. I would like to make your panties wet and suck the cum right out of you." —anonymous caller

    Submitted by mostlyabnormal

    9. The caller who thought high school insults were still a thing.

    "My boss was told she was a selfish, heartless, b**** that was just like Hitler. She also had a customer ask her if she even graduated high school because she 'was so stupid.'"

    Submitted by griffine3

    Comedy Central / Via

    10. The woman who destroyed her own home.

    "My husband worked in a call center as a loan collector. He once called a woman who got so angry at him she proceeded to destroy her kitchen and blame him for everything she did. She also told him exactly what she was doing, very calmly, while she was doing it: 'You are making me so angry. I'm so angry I'm going to flip the table. And this chair. And the stove. Look, now I flipped the stove.'"

    Submitted by nicoleadams

    11. The caller who gave new meaning to what it meant to be a terrible human.

    "I worked for a bank call center and at the time I was a manager. A customer requested a call back because her son's savings account had been getting service charges for over two years and she never noticed. I called back to tell her we couldn't refund all of the fees because they were too old. She proceeded to tell me I was white trash who was obviously underqualified for my job and would amount to nothing in my life. I was 21, in college, and horribly depressed. Worst call ever. I am now 27, a high school history teacher, getting my master's degree. She still pops into my mind."

    Submitted by kylamarien

    12. The person who thinks it's cute to verbally abuse someone you don't know.

    "This is all from one customer who began the call with 'I'm having a bad day and you can't hang up on me so I'm gonna take it out on you.' 'I hope you get hit by solar flares,' 'walk into your president's office, and shoot him in the head.' 'I hope your entire company gets hit by a nuclear bomb.'"

    submitted by samanthalynnr3 / Via

    13. The racist.

    "More than once, someone with a thick Southern accent would say, 'That last fellow sounded black, so I hung up and dialed y'all again. I'm glad you don't sound black. I'm not racist, I just don't trust n*****s.'"

    Submitted by jenniferc100

    14. The caller who could probably win an Academy Award.

    "I was accused of ruining a child's Christmas because her present wouldn't arrive on time. They wanted to make me feel bad for it, as if it were my fault that she had ordered the package two days before Christmas. Then, the lady proceeded to cry on the phone…"

    Submitted by amyr4f0af13e8

    15. The customer who needed a second opinion.

    "Someone once called me and asked me if she should have the sweet and sour chicken with white rice or chow mein. I worked at a call center for a bank. I said chow mein and she said thanks, lol."

    Submitted by normab4c510f1dc

    MTV / Via

    16. The very violent caller.

    "I worked in collections for Conn's. A lady told me that she was going to find out what building I worked in, drive her truck through it and kill me. That's when it all made sense that we had a police officer at the front door at all times to check our badges."

    Submitted by brandil476d78b4a

    CBS / Via

    17. The lady with oil-like nipples.

    "I worked in a call center for a car dealership. This lady was telling me how she got her oil changed at a local shop and the bottom of her oil filter had 'a circle thing that looked like her nipples.' Haha, not nipples in general — HER NIPPLES!? I died of laughter when the phone call ended and it was the office joke for a while haha."

    Submitted by allyw464b058ad

    18. The person who was maybe a murderer.

    "I once asked a man why he fell behind on his house payment & he told me because of the trial. I, working at a bank, thought trial payments of some sort. So I asked him what trial? His response: the trial for my daughter's murder. So I turned into the biggest asshole ever. Looked it up after we got off the phone & it was true."

    Submitted by jewelzrulez

    19. The one with an interesting fetish.

    "You are pissing me off so much, I wish I could just drag my balls across your face right now."

    Submitted by sarahp4bb58584b

    20. The person with weird demands.

    "Once I had a customer tell me to 'eat my own shit' and that she was going to come to the call center and 'pee on me.'"

    Submitted by bkpadgett10

    21. The one with the plopping feces.

    "I had one customer call in while he was pooping. I knew he was pooping because he had me on speaker phone and I could hear every little plop. I even heard him flush the toilet at the end."

    Submitted by amandapbutler

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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