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"Black-ish" Was Open And Honest About Police Brutality In America

"The system is rigged against us."

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Wednesday night's episode of Black-ish centered on police brutality and highlighted conversations that many black Americans struggle to have with their kids.

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During the episode, Dre (Anthony Anderson) and his wife Bo (Tracee Ellis Ross) get into a discussion about police brutality as the family waits to see if a police officer will be indicted for killing a black man who was unarmed.


A lot of people took to Twitter with their thoughts on the episode:

Just watched last night's episode of #blackish. Reminds me of TV in the 70s/80s, when polarizing topics always were addressed.

woke up a little early today to watch last night's episode of #blackish. beautiful. we needed this show so bad, man.

That #Blackish episode dead made me cry. It was too #real

The #Blackish episode re: protest & police violence is powerful, honest, and thoughtfully engages the topic. It's a must see.


...even though there was the aching feeling that something would go wrong.