Beyoncé Will Reportedly Have A Huge Amount Of Control Over The September Issue Of Vogue

    According to HuffPost, Anna Wintour is relinquishing a lot of creative power to the one and only Queen Bey for what is typically the year’s most anticipated issue of the magazine.

    HuffPost on Monday reported that Beyoncé will be getting an unprecedented amount of control over the forthcoming cover of Vogue’s highly coveted September issue.

    However, details of the purported deal securing the cover were published by HuffPost and, if the specifics are true, Queen Bey is essentially taking the reins from American Vogue editor Anna Wintour for the most visible section of the issue.

    1. SCOOP: For what is likely to be her final September issue of Vogue as editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour has given @Beyonce unprecedented control over the cover, captions, and photographer. Essentially, Beyonce is the editor-in-chief

    The news comes amid rumors that Wintour will leave the top fashion magazine soon, where she has been editor since 1988.

    So, in what ways could Beyoncé make her own mark? Well, according to HuffPost, which cited anonymous sources, the singer will be choosing her own photographer, 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell.

    The sources also told HuffPost that the contractual agreement gives Beyoncé full control over her photos for the magazine, as well as the captions.

    Representatives for Vogue and Beyoncé did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News’ requests for comment.

    However, HuffPost reports that despite Beyoncé being in the magazine, she will not be giving the publication an interview, which is similar to what she did when she graced the September issue in 2015.

    7. More on @Beyonce and Vogue - like her 2015 Vogue cover, Beyonce will not be giving an interview for this issue either. But she is writing her own long-form captions to go along with the photos shot by @Tyler_Mitchell_

    Of course, as news of the reported deal spread, people quickly came to grips with what was happening.

    Not only is Beyoncé on the September issue of Vogue for the second time, she has also been given full control of the cover hiring a 23 year old black photographer to photograph her.

    Beyoncé was really given full creative control and hired the first black photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue. The LEGEND jumped out

    Vogue trying to explain why it took Beyonce and 126 years to go by before they hired a Black photographer to shoot the cover