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    Beyoncé's Fans Came For Mathew Knowles On Twitter After He Announced The Birth Of Her Twins

    The Hive gave Papa Knowles a piece of its mind.

    It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the world* has been patiently waiting for Beyoncé Knowles to announce the birth of her twins.

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    *Let's be honest, this is definitely, probably the most highly anticipated event in the Milky Way Galaxy.

    According to multiple news outlets, like TMZ and People, Beyoncé gave birth at a Los Angeles hospital last week.

    The thing about this, though, is that news regarding Beyoncé is usually not official until she discloses it, at least according to her fans. And this is exactly why a lot of the Beyhive is upset with Mathew Knowles, her father.

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    On Sunday morning, Papa Knowles tweeted, "They're here!" referring to the twins, wishing them a happy birthday.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @MathewKnowles

    Fans thought that what should have been a sentimental moment was ruined, mainly because they felt Beyoncé should've been the one to make the announcement.

    @MathewKnowles @chRIHssy Just had to ruin it for Bey did you

    "That was for Beyoncé to tell, not you," one Twitter user said.

    @MathewKnowles That was for Beyoncé to tell not you

    Others hit hard, alluding to reports that Papa Knowles was estranged from his daughter for a time.

    @MathewKnowles She didn't even tell you she was pregnant...worry about the other 3 kids u have!

    The Hive was not happy, and let it be known.

    It should be common knowledge by now that Beyoncé fans go hard for their queen.

    @MathewKnowles how many times does she have to fire you

    The Hive continued to sting, and let the jokes fly as well.

    @MathewKnowles can i see your phone real quick?

    "Nice attempt though..."

    @MathewKnowles We'll wait for Ms Tina to tell us what's up, nice attempt though... I guess...

    The shade of it all.

    As Beyoncé is one of the most secretive celebs around, it's hard for fans to trust the information, even if it is coming from her father.

    @MathewKnowles @giselleknowIes I don't trust you

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to a representative for Mathew Knowles for a comment.

    The fact is, we won't truly know what's going on until Beyoncé tells us.

    @MathewKnowles they aren't here until beyoncé tells us they're here

    And now...we continue to wait for Queen Bey to give us the good news we've all been waiting for: the official announcement of her sure-to-be adorable twins.

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