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19 Tumblr Posts About Beyoncé Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Queen of Memes.

1. When photos of Queen Bey accurately reflected the reality of Snapchat.

2. When she decided to make us all look like fools while struggling to sing the end of "Love on Top."

Tumblr / Via

3. When she inspired us all to think about how we'll get our kids to go to bed in the future.


4. When she scarred Jay Z for life.

5. When she released a groundbreaking album and the world couldn't get enough of it.

Tumblr / Via

6. When members of the BeyHive put their creative skills to the test and brought levity to the current presidential election cycle.

7. When someone expertly photoshopped her looking fabulous at a lemonade stand.

8. When even restaurants marveled at the magnificence that is Beyoncé.

9. When Microsoft Word got in formation just like the rest of the world.

Tumblr / Via

Never forget the accented vowel, folks.

10. When someone highlighted how scary it is to be around people who *don't* think Beyoncé is the greatest artist to walk the face of the earth.

11. When Beyoncé was so determined to spy on Jay, she forgot that you can't eat a liquid as if it were popcorn.

Tumblr / Via

12. When she managed to have her husband shook.

13. When she inspired us to work hard, even if some of us are a bit destitute at the moment.

14. When Sonic made a joke about Beyoncé, but let's be real, everyone knows this is a lie.

15. When Bey perfectly fit into the world of Pokémon.

16. When someone made a clever pun about her song "Formation."

17. When this shady truth was spoken.

Tumblr / Via

18. When she basically had everyone, including her daughter, suspicious of Jay after the release of her latest album.

Tumblr / Via

19. And finally, when Beyoncé perfectly described your inability to sleep at night.

Tumblr / Via

Bow down. 👑🐝

Tidal / Via

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