29 Of The Most Ridiculous Moments In "America's Next Top Model" History

Be quiet, Tiffany!

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4. In Cycle 2 when Shandi cheated on her boyfriend with a really hot male model.

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This was definitely one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of ANTM, especially when her then-boyfriend screams, "You had sex?!"

5. When Robin from Cycle 1 decided not to do a simulated nude shoot, even though she'd exposed herself to Jay Manuel earlier that day.

11. When Ann and Eva from Cycle 3 teamed up and carved "Clean your shit" into Cassie's brownies.

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Apparently Cassie was messy, but this wasn't a good way to get her to clean her dishes.

14. When Michelle from Cycle 4 was accused of contracting a contagious flesh-eating bacterial disease that was killing people around the nation.

22. When Brittany from Cycle 8 had a complete meltdown because her taxi driver made her forfeit that week's challenge.

26. That moment when Bre's drama with both Nicole and Kim came to a head.

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Bree thought Nicole stole her granola bars, which made her retaliate by stealing Nicole's energy drinks. It was a petty mess, basically.

29. And last but not least, the moment when Tyra completely went berserk on Tiffany from Cycle 4.

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