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    17 Texts Guaranteed To Land You A Netflix And Chill Sesh

    I have wine, cheese, and pizza. ;)

    Netflix and Chill:

    1. Because cheese is the easiest way to get to anyone's heart:

    2. That goes for pizza, too:

    3. And sometimes a history reference will aid you in your thirsty ways:

    4. Even Piper Chapman can score you a ~cuddling~ sesh:

    5. And sometimes all you need are emojis to get what you want:

    6. It's the little things:

    7. A little Foucault ain't never hurt nobody:

    8. What we all want in a S.O.

    9. And a little talk about the world beyond our own can rekindle any old flame.

    10. And sometimes being a little eager will work in your favor:

    11. Every once in a while, you can use a little ~charm~:

    12. Keep it nice and cool:

    13. Persistence is key:

    14. Being really sincere will help you go far, as well:

    15. 💦 You could "rock the boat" 💦:

    16. A Pepe meme is never not appropriate:

    17. And finally, just being upfront about chillin' is probably the best way to get a Netflix and chill session poppin':