17 Times The Judges Of "Top Model" Refused To Mince Their Words

    A few petty moments from some of the most memorable ANTM judges.

    1. Janice Dickinson, who served as judge on Top Model for four cycles, never hesitated to say what was on her mind whenever she gave a critique.

    2. There's the time when Nolé Marin expertly threw shade at Toccara's photo for a beauty shoot.

    3. And when Danielle refused to get a procedure done to close her gap and Tyra wasn't having it.

    Although, in Tyra's defense, she did say that the gap wasn't marketable. Danielle still went on to win her cycle, too.

    4. When Tyra said that Lluvy's photo was the worst she'd seen in the history of the series. Ouch.

    5. That time Miss Jay Alexander essentially told Jenascia she walked like a football player.

    6. When Tyra told Jayla of Cycle 5 that her photo looked like a sex toy.

    7. When legendary supermodel Paulina Porizkova said this about Nikeysha's picture:

    8. That time that Twiggy, who was usually bit nicer, said this about a contestant's photo.

    9. When Janice, like always, was brutally honest.

    10. When Tyra said this to Mila before her photo even had the chance to be judged.

    11. When Nolé decided to throw shade and give a little history lesson while he was at it.

    12. When Janice said this about Catie from Cycle 2, who was actually 18 at the time the show was being filmed.

    13. And when Paulina said this to Cycle 10's Katarzyna.

    14. When Keenyah, who was portraying one of the Seven Deadly Sins — Gluttony — didn't do enough for Janice's liking.

    15. When Nolé was super unimpressed with Noelle's attempt at embodying the Leo zodiac sign.

    16. When Eric Nicholson said April's face looked, well...lifeless.

    And Janice followed with another dig.

    17. And finally, there's the time in which Ebony from Cycle 9 decided to quit the competition because she felt modeling wasn't for her. Tyra's response was incredible.

    And to top it off, right before the credits rolled on the episode, Ebony's ANTM audition tape was played and you see her pleading to be cast on the show. Yikes.

    Gotta admire how ridiculously petty the judges of Top Model have been over the years.