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People Can't Stop Laughing At The Folks In The Background Of This Alyssa Milano Picture

The. Faces. In. The. Back. Though.

This is Alyssa Milano, an actor most known for her roles on television shows like Who's the Boss? and Charmed.

Leon Bennett / Getty Images

Over the weekend, Milano debuted a new look: cornrows.

Instagram / Via

Cornrows are a traditionally black hairstyle, and their origins date back thousands of years. In recent years, the subject of who can rock the 'do has been debated by celebrities like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and in prominent publications like the New York Times.

On Instagram, people immediately began commenting on the look of the braids.


And it seems that a few people did not approve.


Some even referred to her by her Charmed character's name as a way of calling her out.


Lots and lots of opinions all around.


Naturally, the photo spread across the internet, and an eagle-eyed person looked beyond Milano's braids and turned their attention to the people in the background of the photo.

::stares in confusion::

Of course, people had a field day, with a ton of commenters cracking up at the faces of the three people staring at Milano.


And many began tagging friends in the image so that they could laugh together.


Meanwhile, on Twitter, a user highlighted ~why~ the people may have been staring as intently as they were:

The stylist who did Milano's hair also posted multiple images of the behind-the-scenes process of the star getting her new 'do.

More of the same jokes continued on that platform, too.

Some didn't even recognize that it was Milano.

@Phil_Lewis_ Is that Alyssa Milano? IM FUCKING SCREAMING

And reaction GIFs were plentiful as people weighed in on the hairstyle.

Amid the jokes, some called out Milano for cultural appropriation, and she briefly engaged with someone who called her out via a Twitter thread.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Alyssa_Milano

More conversations of the same sentiment continued in Milano's own comments section on Instagram as well.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Alyssa Milano's publicist for comment.

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