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    The Reason No One Calls Matthew McConaughey "Matt" Is Incredibly Relatable

    Hint: Because moms.

    The always charming Matthew McConaughey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his upcoming movie, Gold. But first, Kimmel had a more pressing matter to discuss with the Oscar-winning actor.

    The question was valid, given how common the name Matt is.

    The answer: Nope. No one calls him "Matt," and the reason why is hilarious.

    McConaughey told a story about how one of his friends in kindergarten called him Matt and persuaded him to play on the monkey bars. He was apparently unaware that his mother was paying attention.

    As he ran over toward the jungle gym, he felt a hand on his shoulder that knocked him back.

    It was his mom...

    ...and she gave him a quick lesson before allowing him to go and play.

    McConaughey's mom swiftly reminded her son of his full name.

    Definitely sounds like something a mom would do.

    She clearly made an impact.

    Because moms always know what's best.