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    Redman Got His Son A Cake Made To Look Like A Joint For His Birthday

    Yes, you read that right: a BLUNT cake, not a bundt cake.

    This is Redman, a popular rapper from the '90s most known for his hits like "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)" and "I'll Bee Dat!", which are also tunes guaranteed to invoke a bit of nostalgia.

    Matt Winkelmeyer

    And if you don't know him from those song, you'll surely remember when he got "Dirrty" with Christina Aguilera back in 2002.

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    Yesterday, on 4/20 to be exact, Redman celebrated his son Najeé Stevenson's birthday in the only appropriate way... getting him a cake made to look like a huge joint.

    The cake even had little weed cupcakes on the side and a plume of what looks whipped cream served as smoke coming out of the blunt.

    Now that's one way to turn up on 4/20.

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