7 Reasons Everyone Should Take A Queer Theory Course

    Prepare to broaden your mind.

    Queer theory is a portion of academia that's still finding its footing, however, it's highly valuable. The subject requires that you critically think about the world, especially as it relates to gender, gender expression, sexuality, etc. Below you'll find seven reasons you should take a queer theory course at some point in your life.

    1. You'll begin to understand how important and critical language is.

    2. Queer Theory will help you begin to deconstruct societal "norms" that you cleave to.

    3. You'll learn that we're all pretty great actors, but you don't have to play the part society has assigned you.

    4. You'll learn so much about how great author Michael Foucault is.

    5. You'll learn that any sexual orientation outside of heterosexuality isn't deviant.

    6. You'll learn that themes of Queer Theory have been prevalent in popular culture for years.

    7. You'll about how great postmodernism is for your life.