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    7 Disney Characters That Deserve Their Own Feature-Length Film

    C'mon, Disney, make this happen!

    1. Rafiki


    Rafiki was the seriously the glue that held the inhabitants of Pride Rock together. A few examples: He presented Simba to the world (HUGE HONOR), and he taught Simba the importance of not dwelling on pain from the past. Rafiki was essentially a counselor to Simba and his comrades.

    2. Ray


    Seriously, who doesn't love a great love story!? And Disney THRIVES off of this type of stuff. In "The Princess and the Frog" Ray the firefly obsesses over his love Evangeline who just happens to be a star, but he's a firefly, how would he know the difference? Although Ray died in the film, Disney could release a prequel detailing how he came to fall so deeply in love with the Evening Star.

    3. Cruella de Vil


    OMG. Cruella de Vil is absolutely fabulous, and everyone will deal! It's obvious that she has some deep-rooted issues. I mean, she skins Dalmatians and turns them into stunning garments. She deserves her own film because we need to know what made her so evil and crazy.

    4. Sid's Toys


    Sid's toys in the original "Toy Story' film were legitimately frightening. Sid was basically Dr. Frankenstein and these toys were his creation, but there was something so intriguing about them. Free idea, Disney: "Toy Story 4: Nightmare in Sid's Room." You're welcome.

    5. Maleficent


    This woman can turn into a DRAGON. That alone makes her interesting enough for her own film. Thankfully, Disney is already on the ball with this. We'll see Angelina Jolie-Pitt as "Maleficent" in theaters next year.

    6. The Muses


    These ladies are fierce and fabulous! They sing, dance, and offer relationship advice simultaneously. For serious, these ladies are the main reason I re-watch "Hercules." Megara who?! Disney, just give The Muses a Dreamgirls/Sparkle-esque sequel. That would be so, so amazing.