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35 Of The Weirdest Things That Turn People On

Everybody's got their kink.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to submit their weirdest turn-ons. Here are their kinkiest results:

1. Ice Cream

"This is probably the first time I've publicly admitted to this, but ice cream actually turns me on. I was in high school at an ice cream parlor when it first happened. A friend pointed my 'excitement' out to me and I ran home — completely mortified."

Submitted by Gavin Riley, Facebook


4. Nice Calves

Dark Horse Entertainment / Via

"I wouldn't call it 'weird,' but I fancy someone who has nice calves — none of this inverted triangle and skinny leg nonsense. Skip the cardio and do some squats!"

Submitted by Carola Carassa, Facebook


8. Facial Hair and Hair Buns

"A man bun and beard. All day. Every day. Add some tattoos and it's all over! Swoon!"

Submitted by Nicole Giverdon, Facebook

11. ...and Long Canine Teeth

"Freckles and when guys have really long fang teeth."

Submitted by Rachel Dawn, Facebook


13. Elevators

AMC / Via

"Elevators. Sometimes a fantasy of being alone with a lover in an elevator and pressing the stop button. Hahaha. Even though there might be a camera."

Submitted by Brandi Elizabeth Brown, Facebook


16. Sweat

National Guard / Via

"Sweat. Not gross, 'I never shower' kind of sweat, but if a guy is clean, then has been like moving furniture or something? Yeah, I want to jump his bones."

Submitted by Candice Kamencik, Facebook

17. Armpits

WINQ magazine / Via

"This is really weird, but I have a fetish for armpits. I'm a gay male, and always have looked at pictures showcasing men's armpits and got turned on. Yep."

Submitted by Eric Smith, Facebook


23. Rosy Cheeks

Kinsgate Films / Via

"This is pretty weird, but I like it when boys' cheeks are all red and rosy. I’ve looked it up and it says something about how it makes the man look more aggressive. IDK why, but I love rosy cheeks. I love to kiss ‘em and bite them and…"

Submitted by ginag49d680489


26. A Nervous Tic

Nickelodeon / Via

"I have no idea why but if a guy has a nervous tic (like eye twitching or a fidget), I find it so incredibly attractive. My boyfriend has this thing where he scrunches his nose and then adjusts his glasses. Gets me every time!"

Submitted by Madeline Harris


31. Watching Someone Shave

AMC / Via

"Watching a man shave, especially in the old-school style, with a straight razor, a boar/badger bristle brush, and some shaving soap. And the strop. *shudder* I don’t know how or even why this became my kink, but damn. Melts my loins every time."

Submitted by philosophox


33. Men in Drag

Logo / Via

"I am turned on by straight men in drag, among other things. Something about having enough confidence in their own masculinity that they dress as women without any problems. That’s super hot."

Submitted by vaztheerulesdahouse

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