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29 Unbelievably Insane Things That Happened In Florida In 2014

Florida has always been weird. This year was no different.

1. There were thieves eager to get home and...bake?

2. This woman who maybe wishes she were better at multitasking.

3. There was a man who will probably never eat in public again.

4. There was a woman with this incredibly sweet name.

5. A woman who's very protective of her shelled amphibian friend.

6. Hey, teachers gotta make a living too, right?

7. This is further proof that all men should be banned.

8. There are these amazing people doing God's work. #bless

9. Is Florida raising Spartans?! Only a Spartan would grab a shark with his bare hands.

10. Florida is home to oversize water-dwelling animals.

11. There was a group of bros making all kinds of bad decisions.

12. There was this guy who gets riled up really easily. 😑

13. This woman who forgot that water is near the beach.

14. There was this mom who tries new and exciting ways to stay active.

15. There was a stuffed animal who endured what no plush toy should ever have to experience.

16. This man who probably just wanted to make some fresh OJ.

17. A wild bear who enjoys life's simple pleasures.

18. There was a woman who raged in a McDonald's restaurant.

19. This Walmart store that needs to sort out its priorities.

20. Mr. Lukas, who obviously loves talking to someone at his local police station.

21. This man.

22. This guy who probably should've just gone to bed.

23. There was a man who used his food as a deadly weapon.

24. This man who decided to try out an interesting fetish.

25. This woman who obviously never learned how to share in kindergarten.

26. This man.

27. This lonely foot.

28. There's this woman who's secretly pretending to be Cinderella.