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    28 Signs You Went To UNC Chapel Hill

    Tar Heel born. Tar Heel bred.

    1. You most definitely have almost died from tripping on one of the bricks in the various walkways of North Campus.


    And you try to play it off, but you know everyone saw you stumble.

    2. You've had some of the best nights of your life while riding the P2P.


    Like, the weirdest things ever happen on this contraption.

    3. You've heard it's customary to drink from the Old Well on the first day of classes to ensure you get a 4.0 GPA.


    However, you know that it probably isn't the most sanitary fountain on campus.

    4. Halloween on Franklin Street is one of the high points of fall semester.


    Shoulder-to-shoulder while in a drunken stupor, taking pics with all of the creative costumes. Great times.

    5. You've pulled a slew of all-nighters in the Undergraduate Library, also known as the "UL" to most.

    6. Although, if you're SUPER SERIOUS about an exam, you'd study in Davis Library.


    Locked away in one of those tiny private study rooms.

    7. If you have a bit of time before your next class, you'll sit for a few minutes and listen to one of the Pit Preacher's hate-filled diatribes.


    That was always entertaining.

    8. Speaking of, The Pit was literally the place to be in the afternoon.


    It was *literally* the most happening place on campus in the afternoon. Everyone was there. Even that crush you were too afraid to go up to.

    9. Seeing members of the basketball team on campus wasn't a huge deal.

    10. You actually still haven't recovered from that shot Austin Rivers made during one of the UNC-Duke match ups.



    11. Saying you go to the University of National Champions in 2009 felt so amazing.


    Especially since the the term doubled as an acronym for UNC.

    12. You know the correct way to spell Duke.


    This guy knows the deal.

    13. You were both intrigued and disgusted by the streakers during exam week.


    Like, they were so confident with it.

    14. You know for a fact that The Town of Chapel Hill would need to be covered in at least 15 feet of snow before the university would even consider canceling classes.

    15. Nothing satiated your hunger like a SKI after a long night of clubbing and drinking.


    A.K. SKI FTW!

    16. The most annoying question someone could ask you was "Which UNC do you go to?"


    To which you smugly reply, "The original UNC."

    17. You've visited Gimghoul Castle.


    And it's actually pretty creepy.

    18. You've definitely participated in Dance Marathon.


    OK. Maybe you haven't, but there was that one moment when you seriously considered it because "It's for the kids!"

    19. You've attended at least one concert at Cat's Cradle.

    20. You were so appreciative of your more affluent friends who lived in Granville Towers.


    Why is the food in the Agora so much better than the food in Rams and Lenoir!?

    21. You know for a fact that the UNC-Duke rivalry is more serious than any fan can understand.

    22. You know that the three men in this photo below are deities.

    23. Despite what your opinion of Greek life is, you've probably gone to a Probate.


    And the following day you'd secretly discuss with your friends the folks that you "knew" would be "crossing."

    24. You knew it was spring because a mass of people would be in the quad with a towel and bikini.

    25. Embracing your fellow Tar Heel at a gaming event while singing "Hark The Sound" was always a touching moment.

    26. Seeing the latest Kvetching Board in Friday's Daily Tar Heel publication was always hilarious.


    You'd also wonder who the writer of the Kvetch was referring to specifically.

    27. Every time you hear James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind" you can't help but cry a little.

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    28. And no matter where you go in life, you know that you'll always be able to call Chapel Hill home.


    Rah, Rah, Carolina! Rah, Rah!