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23 Secrets Call Center Employees Won't Tell You

Where do dreams go to die? A call center.

1. You've abused the amount of "personal time" you're allotted because of the stress speaking with customers gives you.

2. You've actually purposely hung up on someone and pretended that it was an accident.

3. You've perfected your "nice-ty" voice.

Island Def Jam / Via

"Nice-ty" is a mixture of nastiness and niceness.

4. You've put someone on hold for an incredibly long time because you hoped that they would hang up.

Nickelodeon / Via

5. You've given people wrong information before just so they would get off your phone.

6. The work bathroom is actually a place of solace for you.

7. Office gossip within the call center is so good.

MTV / Via

Did you know Karen's brother's ex-wife is a cheater? Girrrrlll.

8. If you work in an outbound call center, people will curse you out if you call their homes after 6 p.m.

The Geffen Film Company / Via

But you can't control it!

9. Additionally, people have asked you to "Put them on the do not call list." / Via

Little do they know, that only applies to telemarketers, not market researchers (people who do surveys).

10. The rules and regulations within a call center can sometimes make the work environment feel like high school.

Bravo / Via

Really? We can't use our cell phones at our desks?

11. Sometimes the supervisor doesn't even want to talk to an irate customer.


Which is annoying because then you have to think of a clever way to get an angry person off of your line.

12. You're supposed to speak with confidence, even if you aren't quite sure what you're saying is true.

Fox / Via

13. Despite what the meanie on the phone says, most people in call centers have four-year undergraduate degrees.

NBC / Via

Yeah, people are smart.

14. Sometimes an incredibly nice person will come on your line, but it takes every fiber of your being to help them.

Fox / Via

You're just so drained.

15. You've come so close to calling a customer on the other end of the phone out of their name. / Via

But then you remember you have bills to pay.

16. You've given the meanest stank-eye whenever someone says, "Just take it one call at a time."


Because that actually makes it a lot worse. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CALLS?!

17. You've cracked up laughing after getting off of the phone with someone who thought you were "so patient."

CBS / Via

You've just become numb so it seems like patience.

18. Sometimes you're not all the way clear on information you can and cannot release without an authorization on file.

Fox / Via

Hold on, let me check on that for you.

19. You've muted a customer to "look for more information," but you were really just taking a bite out of your sandwich.

20. You actually keep a ton of snacks at your desk.


Which doesn't help your waistline since you're leading such a sedentary lifestyle while in the call center.

21. Although sometimes the questions you get from customers can be difficult, having faulty work equipment makes your job even worse.

Cartoon Network / Via

Does this computer have to freeze after every click I make?

22. Constantly being micromanaged makes you want to scream.

Disney / Via


23. It may be a hard and sometimes thankless job, but it's great that you keep your cool...most of the time.

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