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22 Secrets The Smart Kid In Class Wouldn't Tell You

Shush, please. I can't hear what the teacher is saying!

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1. You found it incredibly frustrating when someone tried to cheat by copying your hard work.

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2. You had an interesting study habit that you swore by.


Maybe you used incredibly detailed note cards, maybe you recorded everything your teacher said during lecture...

3. People assumed you didn't have any other interests beyond the realm of academics.

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4. You were always expected to begin a study group.

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Who wants to meet at my place on Friday night and study for Organic Chem?!

5. Keeping your daily planner organized was an absolute must.

6. Additionally, you always kept your binders organized with class-specific, color-coded dividers.

7. You felt OK about doing more than half of the work for a group project, mainly because none of the other group members had a vision like yours.


"Maybe the teacher will give me extra credit for doing SO much work." - a thought you've definitely had before.

8. You've had some ~serious~ breakdowns when you thought about your GPA dropping.

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Oh, no. What will happen if I get a B+ in poli sci 101?!

9. You only joined certain organizations to beef up your resume, not because you had a strong liking for them.

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Sure, I guess I'll join the Key Club.

10. In addition to the stress of school, having your parents on your back about performing well in school was another struggle.

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I got this, parentals.

11. And sometimes, you didn't need your parents pressuring you to keep great grades because you were hard enough on yourself already.

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12. It was hard to quell your excitement whenever the teacher pointed out that you did something especially magnificent.

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That's right. I got the highest grade on the midterm exam.

13. Resisting the urge to correct the teacher when they made a mistake was especially difficult.

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14. You felt the need to deflect conversations about the SAT, even though you wanted to brag.

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15. You felt kind of attacked when everyone found out you got a lower grade than what was expected of you.

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And then all of a sudden everyone was in your business.

16. You felt slighted for some weird reason when the teacher didn't call on you, although you were clearly waving your hand frantically.

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And the person that the teacher called on would get the answer wrong, typically because they weren't paying attention in class.

17. Because you performed well in school, everyone wanted to know what grade you got on tests and quizzes.

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Can I live?

18. You had an irrational fear that you'd never be successful if you were to ever get a C in a class.

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The fear was real.

19. You somehow always managed to work in how many AP classes you were taking into any conversation.


"Yeah, I'm taking 5 APs. I'm so overwhelmed."

20. You spent a lot of time in the school's library, even when you didn't necessarily have to be there.

21. You loved reading ahead in many of your classes because you were genuinely interested in the course material.

22. You know you were an insufferable know-it-all.

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And you kind of loved it.

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