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21 Times The Internet Was Accurate About Applying For Financial Aid

FAFSA be like, "Nahhhh!"

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1. I mean, who hasn't begged for aid to go to school?

2. Oh man. If FAFSA had its way, you'd probably rarely eat.

3. See, no food for you, young grasshopper:

4. 😒

5. ~FAFSA relaxes as tears roll down your cheeks~

6. FAFSA is unfazed by your attempts to provide a better future for yourself:

7. And hey, have you ever thought that you were being a little too greedy, person trying to go to school?

8. ~FAFSA conveniently gets amnesia~


9. And this is so, so real too:

10. Honestly tho:


11. So. Darn. Sneaky.

12. It is not a game, FAFSA:

13. We don't have money to give ya, but we can offer you some chewing gum:

Fafsa be like "here this is all we can give you fam"

14. FAFSA is basically Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings:

15. Who hasn't felt like this?

16. 💯💯💯

17. 😂😂😂

18. Listen: FAFSA will make you work for it.

FAFSA be like, "Come get your aid."

19. Pure unadulterated truth:

FAFSA be like "don't even worry fam we got you"

20. Expectations vs. Reality:

21. And finally: