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21 Thoughts You Have When Your Friend's Dad Is Hot

Note: Please do not actually hook up with your friend’s dad.

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1. "Wait, that's your father?"

2. "I am so hot right now."

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3. "I should quell my urge to scream like a pterodactyl right now."

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4. "Wait, how old is he?"

5. "He's 54?! Well, I could make it work with a senior citizen."

6. "And this is, like, your biological father?"

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7. "Oh, he's still married to your mother?"

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8. "Well, that's about to change really quickly 'cause I'm about to become your stepmother, dear friend."

9. "I wonder if he'd let me do a little dance for him. Ya know, something simple."

10. "So...I really think your father and I should hit the dance floor. I have a few moves to show him."

'Cause we can do this right here, right now!

11. "This could be us but you playin'."

12. "Can I call him 'daddy?'"

The Cat in The Hat Productions / MGM Television / Via

13. "Quit playin'. He's really still with your mom?"

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14. "Does he need a place to sit? Because there's an empty seat right next to me."

15. "My friend's mom is a little too touchy-feely. Girl stop."

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16. "Ugh. He could do so much better. Hello, I am sitting right here."

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17. "I wonder if he'd give me a pet name?"

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18. "Maybe he'll call me his 'Beautiful Brown McDouble!' That's super cute."

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19. "OK, seriously, when is the next family outing because I really need your dad to be present and accounted for."

20. "I should summon a spell to make him mine."

21. "Well, since your father is probably off limits, would you happen to have any cute uncles?"

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Stay thirsty, y'all!

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