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    21 Things Men Should Never Be Ashamed Of

    Just live and be merry.

    1. You should never feel ashamed for not liking sports.

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    Don't know what's happening during a football game? Who cares?!

    2. Watching a television show like the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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    Again, who cares?! Watch what interests you.

    3. You shouldn't feel bad about expressing your emotions.

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    Being able to express yourself is a normal, human thing. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

    4. Don't be afraid to experiment in the bedroom.

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    You enjoy anal penetration? OK! You enjoy annilingus? OK!

    5. Don't feel like you have to be the breadwinner in your family.

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    Times change, and it's definitely time to let go of antiquated thoughts about gender and sex.

    6. Don't feel bad about being interested in fashion and dressing well.

    7. Don't feel bad about taking pride in your hygiene.


    ~keep it fresh~

    8. Don't feel ashamed about taking up a job that isn't considered "masculine" by society's standards.

    9. You shouldn't feel bad about still playing video games, even though you're an adult with major responsibilities.


    Maybe that's a form of relaxation for you?

    10. You shouldn't feel ashamed for showing affection toward another man.

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    And if anyone thinks you're gay or weird for it, you probably don't need them in your life anyway because being gay and/or weird is phenomenal.

    11. Additionally, don't feel ashamed about wearing colors that that are considered "not manly" enough.

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    Colors literally have nothing to do with gender.

    12. Don't feel ashamed about singing a "girly song."

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    If you're paranoid about belting a certain lyric, you're overthinking it. Have fun.

    13. Don't feel like it's a slight on your manhood if you don't have or haven't had many sexual encounters.

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    14. Don't feel ashamed about not having the perfect physique.

    15. Don't let phrases like "be a man" or "real men do ___" get to your head.

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    Because honestly, what do phrases like that even mean?

    16. Don't feel bad about not wanting to ever settle down and get married.


    No matter how much your parents beg you.

    17. Don't feel bad about not drinking.

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    18. Not having a circumcised penis.

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    That's the way it naturally is!

    19. Don't be ashamed of your penis size.


    You may be big, you may be small, but a peen is a peen is a peen.

    20. Don't feel bad about being vulnerable.

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    It's OK to let people in and let your emotions out.

    21. And lastly, don't be afraid to embrace your feminine side.

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    Because this masculine bullshit is all constructed. Do you, boo.