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    21 Reasons Cook-Out Is The Greatest Food Joint In The Whole Damn South

    I'd like a spicy chicken sandwich with a double order of fries, please!

    21. If you haven't heard, Cook-Out is a delicacy that's only served in select areas of the South.

    20. The menu is full of delicious fried foods. Sometimes that food makes you want to weep, because there’s so many things to eat, and you want to try everything.

    19. And don't get me started on the milkshakes. They have more than 40 flavors, and they're thick as hell.

    Fun time associating after an AWESOME (for lack of a better term) Winters Winter Conference! @ Cook Out. New fav! 😍👊

    18. Seriously, the shakes are so thick you'll need a spoon to devour them. A straw just won't do.

    Life protip: mix chocolate and vanilla at cookout, and your milkshake becomes a frosty! ...

    17. No, I'm not weeping, you're weeping! *eats a spoonful of Oreo milkshake*

    16. The fries are crispy and golden, ensuring that each bite is an enjoyable experience.

    When I skipped class & went to CookOut 😂😂😂 S/O to CookOut tho 💯✊

    15. You can also get your fries topped with ooey gooey cheddar cheese and bacon.

    I don't know why but I never get tired of cookout lol 🙌

    14. And maybe you aren't a cheese person. That's OK, but don't forget to douse your fries with yummy seasoning.

    13. Oh, and the nuggets. They're so flaky and juicy, just like a chicken nugget should be.

    12. Seriously, once you bite into a morsel of Cook-Out food, you'll want to proudly wear any clothing they make. It's that good.

    do you really love cookout if you don't have a shirt? 😎

    11. Cook-Out also has the best hot dogs you've ever tasted. They're like plump sausages being carried safely in toasted buns. SO. GOOD.

    10. Then there's the hush puppies, which taste like they were made from the hands of Zeus himself.

    9. If you can barely handle how beautiful these golden morsels look, you'd probably shout once you tasted them.

    8. And because it's located in the South, you know that the barbecue is poppin'. Don't forget the coleslaw!

    7. Once you taste barbecue from Cook-Out, you’ll automatically become grateful to the pig who died so your tastebuds could live.

    6. And how could we forget about the burgers? Cooked to perfection, with the taste that they've just come off the grill. Are you drooling yet?

    Headed to Chapel Hill to see #UNC smash tonight! But had to hit #Cookout first!

    5. Just look at how thick that burger is. Aren't you sad you're not from the South? Otherwise, you'd know how enjoyable this is.

    4. Another great thing about Cook-Out is that you can mix n' match your tray with anything. Yeah, I'll take tenders AND a burrito because I live life on the edge.

    “@goldbrvcks: Cookout Tray or Iggy. RT if you had to look at Cookout Tray again. 😂 ” 😂😂😂😂😭 RT

    3. Sure, I'll take a burger AND a chicken wrap.


    2. And then we have the golden onion rings, which were probably harvested by Demeter herself before they were dropped in hot cooking oil.

    1. In all, listen to this guy: Eat Cook-Out because it'll change your life. #RealTalk