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20 Signs You've Been Working In A Call Center Way Too Long

"Hi, how could I not help you today?"

1. Nothing gives you joy like using your hold or mute button.

2. You make this face when someone threatens to "take their business elsewhere."

3. You feel utter joy when you get on the line and a call doesn't come through.

4. You spend 70% of you day wondering how the hell you ended up with such a horrible job.

5. You spend the other 30% of you day wishing the phone system would go down.

6. Speaking of system issues, it SUCKS to have to tell a customer that the company is "upgrading software."

7. You become enraged when a customer complains about the long hold time.

8. You're always surprised when someone tells you how long they've worked in the call center. Ten years?!

9. You sometimes lose your voice because you're talking non-stop.

10. You're too satisfied when you "accidentally" hang up on a customer.

11. You want to SCREAM when a call comes in minutes before your shift ends.

12. You loathe when a customer tries to initiate small talk, mainly because it's awkward.

13. You want to let out an uproarious laugh when a customer asks for a supervisor.

14. You experience pure ecstasy whenever you have time off the phone.

15. This has become a common occurrence.

16. You've developed an aversion to speaking on the phone, even when you're not at work.

17. This is how you feel whenever you get your monitor sheet:

18. You have trouble sounding sincere on the phone whenever a customer complains.

19. You make this face because you talk to no less than 50 people who don't understand what a HIPAA violation is.

20. And every. single. day. is mentally taxing.