19 Cats That Partied Way Too Hard This Weekend

Dude, I am never getting wasted like that ever again.

1. This cat who really just wants a gentle massage.

Too much twerking can make your muscles sore.

2. This cat who couldn’t remember which bed he wanted to sleep in.

So let’s try out both, eh?

3. This cat who decided it was more convenient to sleep on top of his food.

Because he’ll have easier access to breakfast when he wakes.

4. This cat who vows to never get that wasted again.

5. This cat who was going to get up and have a productive morning.

But later said, “Yeah, let’s not.”

6. This cat who saw some crazy shit this weekend.

And he’s still paralyzed by it all.

7. This cat who’s talking to himself.

Lay off the catnip, hon.

8. This cat who didn’t have anyone to hold his hair as he barfed.

9. This adorable kitty who probably went out for the first time this weekend.

The newbie tried to hang.

10. This cat who plans on not doing one damn thing today.

11. This cat who’s struggling to grasp her motor skills again.

12. This guy is sleeping, but he’s obviously still on the dance floor in his dreams.

13. This cat that needs someone else to physically move her to her destination.

“I’m so sorry, human, I’ll never be this wild again!”

14. This cat who wants nothing to do with the outside world today.

15. This cat failing to get the attention of his best friend.

“Dude, where are we!?”

16. This cat who will probably call out of work in the morning.

17. This cat who sleeps on very small shelves.

18. This cat who recoils when asked, “So what did you do last night?”

He’s not telling you anything.

19. This cat who really just wants to find a comfy spot to fall asleep.

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