18 Unique Struggles Only Chubby Kids Will Understand

Gym class was the absolute worst.

1. There was always that one guy/girl who gave you hell for being chubby.

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And they made sure to make you feel bad for it in front of a crowd of people.

2. Admittedly, you probably made a lot of poor eating choices.

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But what kid didn’t? Your metabolism was just a tad bit slow.

3. You had that one family member who didn’t really know how to tell you that you were big without being offensive.

Which hurt worse than the kids at school being mean.

4. You became an expert at deflecting attention away from your corpulent figure.

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It was much easier to be that funny guy/girl or that smart guy/girl.

5. You probably came from a large family.

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And usually with big families food is used a way to bring everyone together, so you were destined to be chubby.

6. Your parents often lied to you about your roundness to spare your feelings.

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And bless them for making you feel a tiny bit better about being “big-boned.”

7. Whenever you were teased in school, the best way you dealt with it was by crying.

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Isn’t it weird how the most offensive thing someone could do to you growing up was to call you fat?

8. Wearing huge clothes was humiliating.

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Because you usually had to wear clothes that were adult sizes. And of course the clothes for kids your age were too small for you.

9. You used any excuse to get out of doing exercises in gym class.

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Because seriously, who has time for that!?

10. And speaking of gyms, you probably wore your gym clothes under your regular clothes.

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And you changed in the bathroom to avoid peering eyes.

11. In fact, it was so embarrassing when your fat would jiggle whenever you did any exercise in gym.

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12. Once you learned black made you look slimmer you were so thrilled.

Who knew one color could be a savior?!

13. You became best friends with other people who were on the bottom of the schools popularity caste system.

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And they were really amazing people, even though all of the other kids thought you guys were misfits.

14. Having your cheeks pinched was a natural occurrence.

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And you loathed every second of it. Adults especially liked doing this.

15. During the summer you would not be caught dead shirtless.

You were always covered, even though you wish you could just be like the other kids and show some skin.

16. You dealt with people thinking you shouldn’t ever be hungry just because you were a little husky.

Which is absolutely absurd. Everyone gets hungry and needs to refuel whether you’re large or small.

17. You felt really uncomfortable when other parents would make a face at you, basically because you were bigger than other children.

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And even though they didn’t say anything their face told it all.

18. Eventually you came to accept yourself because you realized that everyone is a little insecure about something during the K-12 school years.

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