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Florida Continued To Be The Worst In 2015

Looks like Florida is still weird.

1. When an alligator is better at capturing criminals than police officers...

2. Honestly, same.

3. SMH.

4. That's not how this works, ma'am.

5. Totally missed the part in Star Wars where Darth Vader becomes a thief. Which episode was that?

6. What? How? No, really?!

7. Floridians have weird hobbies.

8. When in doubt, start chomping at your phalanges.

9. I know what excuse I'm using to get out of work next week.

10. Ouch.

11. Stealing identities is one thing but URINE. Nah.

12. This monkey clearly gives no fucks.

13. What even, Florida? Why are you the way you are?

14. You could've hidden behind your five fingers and that would've been more acceptable than a dryer, sir.

15. When your mama's cooking is terrible.

16. If you don't have enough reasons to stay away from Florida, here's another.

17. K.

18. And finally, look at this guy jump over a DRAWBRIDGE with his vehicle.

Stay weird, Florida.

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