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    Posted on Jul 6, 2014

    17 Signs You're Just Not An Animal Lover

    "No, doggie, please stay far away from me."

    1. You fail to see the supposed cuteness of most pets 90% of the time.

    Fox / Via

    Like, I guess your cat is adorable? I guess.

    2. This is you whenever one of your friends asks you to pet their animal:

    3. Whenever a cat or dog grazes your leg you're just like:

    4. When people debate about any four-legged, beaked, or whiskered creature you're just like:

    5. You are ambivalent when it comes to famous cats of the internet.

    6. Whenever a pet owner thinks it's cute that their cat or dog killed a bird and the animal brings it back to them...

    7. This picture would make an animal lover convulse with happiness, but it makes a non-animal lover feel nothing.

    8. You find yourself agreeing with people that an animal is "adorbs" just so the topic at hand can move on to something else.

    NBC / Via

    OK, I agree...OK? Let's talk about something else now.

    9. Most of your contempt for animals could be attributed to a bad memory from your childhood.


    Like, maybe a cat scratched you really bad or maybe a dog bit you.

    10. If you have allergies and you're around a pet, be prepared to sneeze non-stop.


    11. When someone puts clothes on an animal:

    NBC / Via

    12. When you're at someone's house and the dog just won't stop barking.

    Disney / Via

    Is it that serious, dog?

    13. Additionally, there's a scary moment when a dog licks their owners face and you're just sure the dog is about to kill them.

    NBC / Via

    14. You feel uncomfortable when someone says an animal is their "best friend."

    Smosh / Via

    *insert side-eye here*

    15. You just don't even know what to do when someone says they love animals more than their own family.

    Oxygen / Via

    16. You think they smell so bad, even when they're "clean."

    Warner Bros. / Via

    17. And lastly, once you decide to break your silence on not being too fond of animals, this is the look you get:

    Fox / Via


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