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17 Perfectly OK Responses To Use Whenever You Encounter A Catcaller

*screams internally*

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1. You could use this nice response.

20th Century Fox / Via

2. Or this subtle rebuttal.

3. You could get a little profane.

4. Ask them if their mental faculties are working properly.

Dreamworks / Via

5. Be blunt.

Oxygen / Via

6. Show them that you can really be insane.

Showtime / Via

7. Sometimes you have to warn them that you can be a bit violent.

ABC / Via

8. Nicely ask them to repeat themselves.

9. Use body language to show you're not here for them.

Bravo / Via

10. You could use this classic response, too.

Disney / Via

11. Again, sometimes you have to reiterate that you could get a little rough.

E! / Via

12. Scare them away with the side eye of death.

13. Examine them. Because why are you even catcalling in the first place?

CBS / Via

14. Check them!

15. Also, you could ignore them.

16. Take a cue from Whitney Houston and say:

17. Or you could just say no.

Fox / Via

No means no.

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