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    17 Draymond Green And Kevin Durant Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    The true winner of the Golden State vs. Portland game were the memes.

    This past Sunday, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trailblazers 121–109 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

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    While Golden State's win was certainly commendable, an even greater moment happened that night: Draymond Green presumably gave his teammate Kevin Durant, a pep talk. And thus, a great internet GIF was born.

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    Without missing a beat, the internet turned the GIF into golden memes. Here are 17 of the best tweets:

    1. On meeting friends in the bathroom:

    when you meet other drunk girls in the bathroom and have a heart to heart about how beautiful they are and how they…

    2. On having your friends sneakily persuade your parents to do something:

    "Look if i ask my mom can i spend the night she gon say no but if you ask she gon say yes. So wait til i go upstair…

    3. On lying:

    "Ok, put the drink down. Where was you last night?" "...strip club." "NO! Bible Study! Bible Study! BIBLE STUDY!"

    4. On talks your mom gives you before entering a store:

    Mom: if you want to act a fool in this store. WE can act a fool together. I'm not the one

    5. On the enthusiasm a lot of pastors speak with:

    "You have an anointing, a calling before the Lord and you don't think you're ready, but he told me to tell you... G…

    6. On moms (again):


    7. On Meek Mill lyrics:

    "I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this, So I had to grind like that to shine like this"

    8. On the conversations you have while drunk:

    "I love you my dawg, and that ain't the Henny talking. We out here nigga"

    9. On cleverly trying to sneak a snack:

    When you had too many pieces of cake so you send someone else to get a piece and tell them where to meet you

    10. On annoying things that happen when you go out:

    The drunk dude in the club giving you a 2 minute explanation as to why he accidentally stepped on your shoe

    11. On messy family members:

    This when your uncle get too drunk and start spilling family secrets

    12. On shooting your shot:

    "Dawg, you know I'm shy.. go talk to her for me bruh.."

    13. On black Greek life:

    How they hype you up when they remove the probate mask

    14. On demands from parents:

    "Go outside & tell your brother if his ass ain't in this house by the time I count to one, I'm comin' out there and…

    15. On pep talks:

    When you're tryna turn up & someone gives you the "I fuck with your vision let's build" speech

    16. On not being able to hear:

    When someone tryna have a full convo in the club & you act like you know what they saying

    17. And finally, on spending money:

    Draymond is my wallet telling me not spend any money, KD is me pretending to listen as i swipe my card.

    Now if we could only find out what Green was actually saying to Durant.

    NBA / Via

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to representatives of the Golden State Warriors to find out exactly what was said.


    Golden State vs. Portland was round 1 of an NBA Playoff game. An earlier version of this post said it was the NBA finals.

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