15 Signs You're Definitely A Mama's Boy

    Even though you're an adult, your mom is still the number one woman in your life.

    1. You Call Your Mother Every. Single. Day.

    In Addition To Calling, You Probably Text Your Mom Everyday Too

    2. No Matter How Old You Are, You Still Strive To Make Your Mom Proud

    3. You Find It Extremely Difficult To Stand Up To Your Mom

    4. You Always Talk To Mom About Your Love Life

    5. You Still Love To Make Your Mom Things, Even Though You Left Elementary School Years Ago

    6. You Have To Speak With Your Mother Before Making Any Decision

    7. Whenever You Eat Someone Else's Food You Have To Comment That Your Mom's Dish Is Way Better

    8. Although You're A Grown Man, You Still Whine To Your Mother

    9. You Let Your Mom Draft A List Of Rules For Your Potential Partner

    10. If Anyone Disrespects Your Mom You're Ready To Get Into A Full-On Fist Fight

    11. You Probably Still Live With Your Mom

    12. You Definitely Put Your Mom Before Your Significant Other

    13. Whenever You And Your Mom Argue It Makes You Genuinely Sad

    And Then You Worry That Something Could Happen To Your Mom While You're Angry At Each Other

    14. You Still Think Your Mom Is A Superhero

    15. You And Your Mother Have An Unbreakable Bond