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    Nov 7, 2014

    12 Realities Only People Named Michael Will Understand

    "Can I call you Mikey?"

    1. If you spell your name the traditional way, which is M-I-C-H-A-E-L, other people somehow remix your name by putting the E before the A.

    Working Title Films / Via

    Which is so wrong. A then E, people.

    2. Religous or not, you've had someone tell you that Michael, an archangel in the Bible, is responsible for doing some badass stuff.

    Waiting For The Word / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: waitingfortheword

    Not only is he of the few named angels in the Bible, he will apparently fight a dragon in Revelations. And, like, that's pretty cool.

    3. If you're big and/or tall, people will always want to call you "Big Mike."

    jordstyle / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 127640105@N04

    4. Also, if you're short then people will want to call you "Little Mike."

    Wikipedia Commons / Via

    5. You're always delighted when you see the different ways Michael can be spelled.

    Marvel Studios / Via

    There's Michel, Mykal, Mychael, Mikal, Mikell, etc.

    6. At some point in your life, probably during your adolescent years, people teased you by calling you Michelle and/or Michaela.

    NBC / Via

    And OK, those people were super clever, right?

    7. At one point or another you've felt like you were destined to do some pretty great things in life, mainly because of the other famous Michaels of the world.

    8. You get too hype when Jay Z goes, "I’m liable to go Michael / Take your pick / Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6" on the song "N*ggas In Paris."

    9. And speaking of song lyrics, Nicki Minaj single-handedly upped your dating prospects. Thank goodness she once knew a guy named Michael.

    10. In elementary school, if there were ever more than two Michaels in the same class, you'd always go by your first name and the first initial of your last name.


    "Hey, you're Michael B, right?"

    11. People have asked to shorten your name to Mike or Mikey.

    NBC / Via

    And it's cool, depending on who they are. Like, if we're cool you can definitely call me Mike.

    12. And lastly, who hasn't been slightly confused when someone says Micha, but you hear Michael?

    Apatow Productions / Via

    It's a small struggle, but it's a real struggle.

    ~Keep rockin', Michaels of the world~

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