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    11 Incredibly Annoying Struggles Color Blind People Can Relate To

    "No, I don't only see black and white!"

    1. First, you have an experience that teaches you that you've been SEEING colors differently from everyone else your whole life.


    And it makes you question every fashion choice you've ever made.

    2. You've been extremely frustrated trying to describe what color a particular object is to your friends.

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    3. Putting together what you think is a cute outfit and second-guessing yourself because you're not sure if the colors mesh well.

    Fox / Via

    "Not sure if I match." —A thing you say to yourself every morning.

    4. Seeing this image and feeling weird because you don't know what number or phrase is there.


    Psychology 101, right?

    5. When someone asks you if two colors go well together you're all:

    Dreamworks / Via

    And you have to shrug it off because you seriously don't know.

    6. Squinting your eyes during an eye examination and hoping that'll somehow help you guess the colored item correctly.

    Fox / Via

    It actually doesn't help at all.

    7. You have to deal with people thinking that colorblindness means that you literally can't see any hue...

    Nickelodeon / Via

    You can definitely see colors. In fact, there are different types of colorblindness.

    8. You've come up with a "system" to help you guess colors correctly.

    NBC / Via

    For example: Although an apple may look brown, you call it red because people without this vision impediment call it red.

    9. You've had to explain over and over that your eyes are definitely functional.

    The Geffen Film Company / Via

    They're basically like normal people's eyes. Just a tad bit different.

    10. You become paralyzed when someone asks you to hand them any ~insert colored object here~

    Village Roadshow Pictures / Warner Bros. / Via

    Because what if you reach for the wrong thing?!

    11. And lastly, you've probably had people begin pointing to random objects and asking you to tell them what color it is after they find out you're colorblind.


    This is actually the worst.

    Thankfully, colorblindness isn't life-threatening or anything.

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