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    • michaelb248

      1. Yes
      2. No
      3. Yes
      4. No
      5. Are you kidding me?…The horizon of one’s point of view (at such time of sunset or “Earth Rise per Carl Sagan”) raises beyond the visible point of the sun’s light as the Earth rotates on its axis.
      6. Because as we calculate back to the early Universe (a short time just after the Big Bang), our concept of the known laws of physics break down. That is not to say that this is the work of a Divine Creator, but perhaps (more on “perhaps”) the laws of physics were different then than they are now…much like we are still working to reconcile the astrophysics with quantum physics…On “perhaps”: The Big Bang is just a theory, a theory which can be challenged and revised as new evidence arises, unlike religion which for some reason is infallible and immune to debate when facts, logic and reason are presented to challenge its claims on reality. That’s why science is great - it can be revised to fit more in line with what we know as we learn more about our Universe, large and small…It’s also OK to say/believe “we don’t know yet” and not “since we don’t know, it must be Intelligent Design.”
      7. What about Noetics? Sounds like more of the same - we can’t yet explain what consciousness is, so we invent some “science” that points to a Divine explanation.
      8. Well life could just be a fluke, or it could be the Universe’s way of being aware of itself…again “we don’t know yet” is a perfectly acceptable answer. Then again, there could very well be no reason for life to exist. We just happen to live in a universe where the laws of physics are conducive to creating life where and when the right conditions are prevalent. (see 9).
      9. Yes, through physical processes (heat, electricity) that synthesized primordial amino acids under the right conditions and lots of time.
      10. I believe in the existence of total idiots. You are my proof.
      11. “Embrace” is a bit of a stretch in this context, but to answer your question, Intelligent Design by way of an extraterrestrial hand is far more likely (see 8 and 9) than some imaginary being.
      12. Not sure if Lucy is the “only one.” If you simply compare DNA of humans and primates, it would lead anyone to believe that we are related…we just split off and developed larger brains at some point…well, some of us anyway.
      13. What better support do you need? An organism adapting to its surroundings in order to better the chance of the species survival going forward…YES! You should try it sometime.
      14. Evolution is a theory based on many repeatedly provable and testable facts…and that is why. Religion on the other hand…
      15. Science is may theories (see 15, evolution being one of them). Theories are subject to change as new facts arise (see 6). We object to teaching creationism in schools because the entirety of the theory (which is actually isn’t because it is off limits of testing , logic and the presentation of evidence as it pertains to this tiresome argument) can only be traced back to one source: The Bible, which is not scientific text and is in no way fact.
      16. You should read up on this guy, Charles Darwin.
      17. I can’t speak for Bill Nye, but if it were me, I believe in salvation in the here and now, a world where people dismiss their silly superstitions in favor of embracing facts and bettering our world for the future of all Earthly beings.
      18. See 12.
      19. Yes, you absolutely can. Just try…or maybe just put your faith in science and not imaginary friends.
      20. It’s quite easy, open up a science book and close the Bible. The world is even more amazing when you know more about it…it’s majesty is in the facts, not the fiction.
      21. We don’t know for sure, there are several theories…one is that we are part of a multiverse; a universe that is part of a larger construct outside of the three dimensions we can experience, and that our Universe grew from this larger construct or split off from another universe some 13.7 billion years ago. Another theory is that our Universe much like the larger-construct theory is “adjacent” to other universes moving parallel to its sister universes on a special dimension(s) outside of the three we experience and as our Universe grows colder and wider, it is draw to the sister universe, they collide and we have another (yes, another) Big Bang. Another theory is that 13.7 billion years ago (not 6,000 years ago) quantum fluctuations within the nothing before space and time randomly expanded into the Universe we now know (see 6 regarding separate pre-modern laws of physics). All of these are exponentially more fantastic and beautiful as compared to some ghost declaring “let there be light.”
      22. See 12.

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