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    • michaelb122

      Some spiritual food for thought this morning.  Some say that the more you credit God with the things that science has not yet quantified, the smaller God will continue to become.Ithink that science reveals ever more places where God has reached out and touched existence. What if we actually chose the wrong God to worship, and as we approached Xanadu he looked at us witharaised eyebrow and waved us on downaside road withadismissive gesture? Would it matter? We could just carry on down the road till we foundadoor where we were welcome. Good kind and moral people are welcome in most places.  Atheists rely on faith to deny god because they can no more prove that God does not exist than the faithful can prove he does. This makes both the believers and the non believers equally dependent on faith asamechanism to deal with reality. Atheists are actually quite buggered, becauseIcan not see how one can deny the existence of something whose existence one is trying to dismiss.  Believers findacertain perverse humor in the fact that god also created Athiests. Athiests are amused by the fact that believers would think that.

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