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10 Ways To Train Yourself To Wake Up Without An Alarm

It's healthier and more natural!

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1. Lay off the snooze button. / Via

It's keeping you from establishing a regular sleep pattern.

2. Keep up with your exercise routine. / Via

This will improve your quality of sleep each night.

3. Keep a window open at night. / Via

You can start waking up to natural sounds in the morning this way.

4. Recognize and utilize your circadian rhythms.

These help establish a natural sleep pattern over time. / Via

These help establish a natural sleep pattern over time.

5. Eat healthy!


Focus on lean proteins, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and less fat.

6. Set your alarm clock a few minutes later. / Via

So that you can start training yourself to get up without it, without oversleeping.

7. Change your alarm tone. / Via

Pick something softer or more natural, like jungle sounds.

8. Use an actual alarm clock, not your phone. / Via

Using your phone before bed slows your body's release of melatonin, keeping you awake.

9. Do something outdoorsy. / Via

Exposure to sunlight is vital to establishing your circadian rhythms.

10. Ditch the alarm clock on the weekends. / Via

This is a great way to practice waking up naturally without the risk of running late.

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