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Transaction Streaming In A Streamlined World

It’s Saturday night and after a long week at the office, you are blissfully streaming your newest Netflix binge in bed. After five consecutive hours, you promise yourself that tomorrow you will finally hit the gym. Maybe a fun workout playlist will motivate you? Thanks to Spotify, you have now gotten through a full workout and can go home to live stream the big game. Streaming has transformed the ways we entertain and carry out our lives in real time. Platforms like YouTube make us self-educators, creators and followers, all at the same time, while live action streaming connects us in a more intimate and collaborative way.

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The multimedia platform delivers content and transmits data in a continuous flow, bringing audio and visual content to users, almost immediately. Streaming provides us with an endless sea of content, bringing personalization, ease of use, and accessibility with low prices. Streaming makes us all hungry for information, seeking new tastes in music, film, and storytelling beyond our current perspective. We are media machines and we are constantly seeking our media fix through streaming. Why? Because it gives us control. Controlling what we watch, how we watch, and how fast we receive it, users are empowered by the convenience and choice of streaming.

Technology has certainly brought a greater level of efficiency to our entertainment experience. But what about some of the bigger things? What about healthcare, real estate, financial businesses? In our digitized, streamlined world, wouldn’t it make sense for these big industries to keep up?

The reality is, many industries lack an efficient means for streaming content and information. In any business, there exists a complex and lengthy process involving tracking, fulfilling, regulating and auditing costs. Put simply, businesses have some catching up to do when it comes to making your life easier.

In today’s businesses, money and efficiency are lost in transaction. On average, the cost of healthcare per person in the US is close to $10,000 annually. This starts with a simple visit to the doctor. After getting your prescription, you must go on to the pharmacy, and make a payment with your credit card. Next, insurance gets involved. But what if there was a way to stream transactions, bringing efficiency to all involved from the patient to the insurance company? This could save thousands for each patient. What could this mean for homeowners, for business owners and farmers across the world?

Transaction streaming is the new Spotify for businesses, changing the tune of inefficiency in time and in funds. BlockCerts Blockchain seeks to disrupt the ‘fee- based economy’ of outdated pdf centralized contract software, which still relies on 30 year-old email as it’s communications vehicle. BlockCerts is bringing the first smartphone enabled Smart Contract Streaming on the blockchain.

Its BCERTS Programmable Token is attached to a smart contract in the streaming platform. Based upon a private ledger, BlockCerts blockchain allows public blockchain transactions to occur with fully authenticated users. The process involves different checkpoints, verifying that each action in the agreement has been fulfilled. From there, the platform may validate and activate next steps seamlessly, without the middleman or the extra fees. BlockCerts transaction streaming takes place on a decentralized, secure network and allows for the distribution of value, assets and property in real time.

According to Tim Vasko, Founder and CEO of, “We estimate that 50% or more time is wasted on needless follow-up that could be streamlined in an open architecture, collaborative environment that is facilitated by the blockchain. By integrating team members into a secure platform where all members can communicate, see progress, download large files, and where Smart Contracts on the blockchain trigger multiple automatic activities that everyone can see on their dashboard, you’ll outpace your competition at light speed.”

Vasko makes it clear that the power of streaming is in its global network. Connecting teams across the world through technology, all of our businesses may operate on a global scale, both collaboratively and securely. The blockchain system may help to abolish the ‘silos mentality’ in many businesses as well. The ‘silos mentality’ is an archaic blanket that smothers businesses slowing productivity and collaboration. This occurs when various departments only see or share what is in ‘their silo’ versus having knowledge and access to information within all groups to move the business forward. This creates a grave separation in the office space, bringing inefficiency in communications and a weak sense of corporate culture that is unable to withstand the inevitable changes that will occur.

The blockchain brings a sense of unity to break down these barriers. Within its open distributed structure, everyone who is authenticated may view each step in the company’s transactions. Authentication insures that only those who are authorized to see valuable information can, and those who aren’t can’t. A very important security measure for businesses in a world of hacking breaches. No longer will there be gaps in information and people left in the dark about the company’s transactions and activities. Through transaction streaming, team members may all be prepared to deliver on activities within the contract and work together to fulfill its agreements and its highest vision. Streaming is here to streamline everything you do, and its place in your business is crucial.

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