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A Definitve Ranking Of Avery Crofford's Instagram Names

TCU senior and avid babysitter Avery Crofford, better known as Avesyourfaves™ on Instagram, has been hittin' us with a new Instagram name almost every week. Here's a definitive ranking of the best ones so far.

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1. 1. Avesyourfaves

classic and original. This one will always be our ~faves~

2. Black_goes_with_avery_thing

This one is both true and on brand. If you look back, Avery is wearing black in more than one photo.

3. butaverycutemoose

Everyone loves the movie "The Princess Diaries"! In the iconic scene after Mia gets a makeover she exclaims "I look like a moose!" To which her stylist responds. "Yes but a very cute moose. Make all the boy moose go WAAAH." Avery indeed does make all the boy moose go WAAAHH.

4. So_Avery_Pull_Me_Closer

This one is very topical. Taken after the indie song Closer by obscure band The Chainsmokers. Avery has been spotted with Chainsmokers band members previous. Could this be a shout out to her pals?

5. Averyitscoldoutside

In the Winter months here in Texas things have really gotten chilly! Taken after a great Christmas classic.

6. Averytimewetouch


7. Flavaflavery

Flava Flav is a popular rapper. Avery sometimes raps.

8. Averybodydancenow

Avery has been known to love to dance. She is a great seat dancer. Can really work those arms!

9. Averybodylovesraymond

The popular show "Everybody Loves Raymond" was a hit in the 90s. Today, similarly, people love to follow Avery's antics.

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