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35 Reasons "The Hunger Games" Is Really "Battle Royale"

Sure, these movies have their differences. But when you line them up side-by-side, it's hard not to see that The Hunger Games looks a lot like an Americanized version of Battle Royale. Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. Decreed by the government

2. As a punishment for rebellion

3. A group of children must fight to the death in an arena, with a sole survivor

4. There is an instructional video

5. And a lady with an extremely high pitched voice and cheery disposition

6. The children are, for the most part, chosen against their will by a lottery

7. But some volunteer to compete

8. They have permanent tracking devices attached to them

9. And there's nothing like the fear of being blown up to keep them on their toes

10. There are supply packs with survival gear and weapons

11. Although their contents could be a little more useful

12. The plot surrounds two main characters - 1 boy and 1 girl

13. With a history

14. People keep quizzing him on his love life

15. But he's just pining after you-know-who

16. Even though another guy has the hots for her

17. The arena is a large forest

18. They hide in a cave

19. Cave moment!

20. They are mentored by someone who had competed before

21. And likes to drink

22. There is a control center where the 'gamemakers' can track all of the competitors

23. The children receive regular updates as to who has died

24. Along with the occassional message of encouragement

25. The first person is killed by a knife

26. Someone gets shot with an arrow

27. The main boy becomes badly injured

28. A girl dies from poisoning

29. And one girl in particular seems to enjoy the violence

30. One crazy volunteer is the last foe they must defeat

31. Who has the highest kill count

32. But is oddly attractive, despite the whole sadistic killing thing

33. Untill he makes this face

34. The boy and girl are the only survivors to make it home

35. The 'gamemaker' dies