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    8 Realistic Moments From "Sex Education" Season 3 That Prove Maeve And Aimee Are The Ultimate Best Friend Goals

    "I was thinking that maybe we could be each other’s mums."

    🚨This post contains mentions of sexual assault and spoilers for Season 3, so please continue at your own discretion.🚨

    Maeve and Aimee definitely have one of the best friendships in the whole show. They've been through good times and bad times together, and they love each other like sisters.

    Their differences balance their personalities, making them such an interesting pair. I really love their sisterhood, and these are the moments of Maeve and Aimee's friendship from Season 3 that really stood out for me.

    "men are so weird" meme

    1. When Maeve asked Otis (even though they haven't really been talking lately) about getting a therapist appointment for Aimee, who's having a hard time processing the aftermath of her sexual assault.

    supporting one another

    2. When Maeve listened and appreciated Aimee’s groundbreaking poop story.

    discussing constipation

    3. When Aimee felt inspired by Maeve's bravery for standing up against Hope's misleading teachings on sex, Maeve encouraged Aimee that she could also do the same.

    supporting one-another

    4. When Maeve and Aimee had their first fight, because Aimee secretly paid for Maeve's trip to France. They were able to talk it out, be honest with each other, and reconcile.

    "you're the only person i can trust" scene

    5. When Aimee told Maeve that things aren't working out with Steve, she spaced out a bit, but Maeve was alert and patient with her bad driving.

    "can you please look at the road" scene

    6. When Aimee helped Maeve find her sister who's been missing, because their mom took her away from her foster home.

    aimee staring

    7. When Aimee told Maeve how they could take care of each other by being each other's moms.

    "maybe we could be each other's mum's"

    8. And when Maeve decided not to continue with the gifted program in America, because she didn't want to mess things up again with Otis. Aimee was able to convince her otherwise.

    "screw your head back on" tough love scene