35 People Explained How Much They Spent On Their Wedding — I'm Shocked And Inspired By The Many Ways People Put Their Budgets To Use

    Living for the variety here!

    I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good wedding! I often try not to think about the money aspect and, instead, focus on the party!

    But when Reddit user u/theCovertoit posed the question: "How much did you spend on your wedding?" I couldn't help but be curious! And, of course, the answers did not disappoint:

    1. An inexpensive spur of the moment event:

    2. Simple and intimate:

    3. Pop-up wedding with a pricy photographer:

    A table at a wedding

    4. A classic beach elopement:

    5. A "stereotypical reddit cheapo wedding":

    6. A small Jamaican get-together:

    A place setting at a wedding

    7. A Vegas elopement:

    8. "Wedding was paid off before it even happened":

    9. Someone who wishes they'd spent more:

    A wedding setup

    10. Someone who wishes they'd spent less:

    11. One with some iconic finessing:

    12. Mostly DIY wedding with just one regret:

    A flower arrangement

    13. Campground wedding:

    14. Small B&B wedding:

    15. One with many generous contributions:

    A bride smelling the flowers in her bouquet

    16. The $17K wedding:

    17. Mountaintop wedding:

    A bride and groom smiling at each other

    18. A Disney dream:

    19. A 4/20-friendly wedding:

    20. The 9-minute ceremony:

    21. Humble backyard wedding:

    A wedding setup in someone's backyard

    22. Elopement in Hawaii with a reception later:

    23. Simple sit-down dinner:

    A table setting for a wedding

    24. A silent ceremony:

    25. Pandemic wedding:

    26. Wedding in Reno — a family tradition:

    27. Intimate garden wedding:

    Desserts set up for a wedding

    28. Golden Corral wedding:

    29. Simple hotel wedding:

    A bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets

    30. 41 years of marriage after a $30 wedding:

    31. DIY wedding with multiple contributors:

    32. Low budget, but also lucked out:

    A trey of drinks

    33. Food truck festivities:

    34. A whopping $100K wedding:

    35. Lastly, party before the pandemic:

    A groom and bride kissing in the water at the beach

    How much did you spend on your wedding? Did this post give you any ideas? Tell us about it in the comments!