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14 Times Curly-Headed, Pre Sex-Symbol Nick Jonas Gave Us Life

Look at those curls...

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1. The primetime 2007 Nick Jonas

That smolder...

That smolder...

2. The Cutest Little Baby Nick Jonas

3. The "I'm about to sing our hit song, S.O.S." Nick Jonas

4. The "I'm dating Miley Cyrus" Nick Jonas

5. The "I broke up with Miley Cyrus, but I want to be civil" Nick Jonas

6. The "I'm on a plane and wearing a sassy scarf" Nick Jonas

7. The 2009 Jonas Brothers in their prime Nick Jonas

8. The Selena Gomez-dating Nick Jonas

9. The Confusing Dating an Older Woman Nick Jonas

10. The "OMG, you're kidding" Nick Jonas

11. The "I did the bandana thing first, Harry Styles" Nick Jonas

12. The "Hey girl, I love animals" Nick Jonas

13. The "I'm going back to my Broadway roots" Nick Jonas

14. The "I'm sporty like sporty spice" Nick Jonas

Mandatory Credit: Stefan Jeremiah/ SJD/ZOJ


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