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Even The Elevators At Obama's Headquarters Are Mocking Romney

Obama has “car elevators,” too. The campaign has names for them.

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Mitt Romney faced heaps of national scorn — or at least persistent, gentle, mocking on Twitter — when Politico revealed that renovations plan for his new $12 million dollar spread in San Diego included a car elevator. Hilariously, Mitt’s team defended the decision, saying that a car elevator was “simply a mechanism for storing cars in tight places."

This week, Romney’s automotive extravagance inspired staffers at Obama campaign’s headquarters at 1 Prudential Plaza in Chicago to get their own “car elevators.” With a touch of comic genius, the campaign placed signs next to the elevators taking guests to the sixth floor, with a choice of going up in either “Cadillac #1,” Cadillac #2, “Jeep” or “Cruze.”

The joke highlights a serious theme the campaign is likely to hit again as November nears: Romney’s tortured relationship with Detroit and automobiles in general. From opposing the auto bailout and emissions standards, to discussing how his wife owns “a couple of Cadillacs,” to the most famous example of vehicular dog abuse in American political history (he put Seamus on the roof) Mitt’s automotive history is starting to look like a bad CarFax.

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