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12 Cats That Are Ready For Fall

September can't come fast enough for these felines.

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1. Snoopy, who can't wait to lounge around in warm socks

2. This cat who can't wait to horde her Halloween candy


3. ...speaking of being ready for Halloween

4. This cat who is SO sick of his owner trying to be "swimsuit ready"

5. This looker who is ready to show of the snazzy scarf his human bought him

6. This poor soul who can't wait for the kids to go back to school

7. This feline who excels at snowball fights

8. Maru, who's ready for the big boxes Christmas presents come in

9. This guy who is ready to relax in front of a warm fire

10. This hot-footed cat who is ready for the ground to cool down

11. Thanksgiving...this cat's dream holiday

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12. ...and this couch potato who just needs an excuse to stay indoors and binge-watch OITNB

Until then try and keep your chin up

...and think cold thoughts

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