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Top 5 Potentially Awesome Crossovers

Sci-fi/fantasy crossovers that would be awesome, hilarious, or just plain...odd. Obviously, these are only hypothetical, and if any of these ever occur in any official fashion, pigs are flying through a frozen-over Hell.

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1. Star Wars meets Alien

Alien’s “xenomorphs” take on some of the characteristics of their host, right? So if one bursts out of a jedi’s chest, do you get a xenomorph with Force powers? And lightsaber cauterization would be an effective way to deal with that acid-for-blood problem...

“In space, can hear you scream no one can.”

2. The X-Files visits Twin Peaks

If you’re a fan of these two shows and you haven’t heard of this concept, one can only assume that you’ve been living under a rock. This idea has been turned into more than one work of fan-fiction. Along with the obvious linkage of the FBI investigating weird paranormal stuff that makes it only natural for Mulder and Scully to visit this fictional town on an investigation of what the heck happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper (and why he keeps asking how Annie is…), there’s also the amusing fact that David Duchovny had a part in both. Come to think of it, so did Don S. Davis, though, sadly, he passed away, like too many other Twin Peaks actors.

3. Doctor Who and...Game of Thrones???

This one is purely for the complete and utter incongruity of tone. Yes, Doctor Who does have its dark episodes, and people do die, but–so far as I know–no one’s ever been physically tortured for an entire season, and Doctor Who weddings tend to be a little happier. (Both series do feature hands being cut off and carried around, though…) Besides, who wouldn't love to see how the Doctor would get along with Joffrey, or Daenerys, or Hodor? (Don't you think he'd especially love Hodor?)

"All men must die, but just this once, everybody lives!"

4. Farscape crashes Stargate SG-1

Wormholes. Alien worlds. Wormholes. Ben Browder and Claudia Black in both. Wormholes.

Did we mention wormholes?

Both shows have a sense of humor. Farscape is way more out-there, but a crossover between these two would have been fantastic, especially done before Hammond departed. (Heck, even before Dr. Fraiser bites it. Plus then you wouldn't have Black and Browder pulling double-duty.) Teal’c and D’Argo could pal around being honorable warrior types and discuss apostrophes over dishes of blue jello. Pilot and Walter could commiserate about the isolation of their jobs. Jack and Crichton could go fishing. Zhaan and Hammond can have some sort of baldness-bonding. The possibilities are endless!

But I suppose we’ll just have to make do with this from SG-1′s 200th episode.

5. Harry Potter in the Dune-iverse

Like the DW/GoT mashup, this one just appeals because of the tonal difference between the two. But how amusing would it be to have a school of wizards amid a hard sci-fi universe of savage politics, jihad, prescience, and human computers? (Not to mention sandworms. “Accio thumper!”) Suppose those time-turners would cause as much trouble with seeing the future as a Guild navigator? How about Mentat Moody?

Okay, so maybe it's just fun to think of Harry having to turn himself into a gigantic sandworm for 3,000 years.

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