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14 People Share Their Best Social Media Moments From The Past Year

The time has come to #LookBack15.

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We asked people to choose their favorite tweet, status, photo, or video from this year. This is what they shared:

1. Some people took the next step with that special someone:

Instagram: @hjoneslawrence

"Today is a great day because I moved in with this guy! #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #vscolife"

2. Some made big discoveries about themselves:

I'm happy to announce that after almost 30 years, I finally feel pretty good about how I'm parting my hair.

3. Some created lasting memories with their moms:

Instagram: @russtap

"#fbf to when my reading teacher of a mother visited the place where she learned how to read. 😂"

4. Others remembered good times they had with their old man:

Instagram: @tehdig

"Happy summer solstice to some guy who taught me to stand up for myself, to love the ocean, and to wear lots of sunscreen and cool mustaches."

5. Some good dogs had good birthdays:

6. Some girlfriends gave the perfect birthday present:

Instagram: @kairose

"A birthday boy's dream :) #destinyps4"

7. Some people spent time appreciating the people who came before them:

I spent the last month writing this article about my Grandma. Give it a read:

8. Some gave into their most basic instincts:

I HAVE BETRAYED MYSELF. This pumpkin froyo is blowing my mindhole. #imafraud

9. Some people met lifelong heroes:

Instagram: @kirksays

"Career/life highlight: making Sergio Aragones laugh. #SergioAragones #WonderCon #WonderCon2015 #Groo #MadMagazine"

10. Some started new adventures in exotic places:

Kimberly Hartnett Edwards / Via BuzzFeed

11. Some paid homage to a late, great friend:

Instagram: @benjamintalkington

"Today my best friend, Ms. Katie Lady, went to the big litter box in the sky. There she will continue to be as sassy and loving as she was here. Since I was a toddler she has been there through the tears and the laughs and she will be so greatly missed."

12. Some people simply saved lives:

13. Some went the extra mile in supporting their pooch:

Instagram: @mrtimsheehan

"Same. #bernesemountaindog"

14. Some people completely massacred their #tbt game:

when ur in 6th grade but also run a large software company in the 1980s

What did you post this year? Share your best social media moment in the comments.

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