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  • Royal Baby On The Way - Get Ready For A Royal Partay

    It looks like now is the time for the Royal Family to have a new addition to the royal court. Kate Middleton is in Labor and Prince William is by her side. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted this morning to St. Mary’s Hospital, and she is in the early stages of labor.

  • What Do Cellphones Have To Do With Weight Loss?

    I recently had a conversation with a weight loss product rep about the most effective weight loss product on the market. I told him I had heard about the pure green coffee bean extract that is heavily promoted on the internet and has bee featured on TV shows like Dr. OZ. He told me with current technology companies are quickly improving products or finding new ones. He laughed and said it is almost like getting a new HOT cellphone and a newer better one comes out in the next 6 months. So I asked him, what is the new greatest “cellphone” of weight loss products and he said without question Garcinia Cambogia www bestweigthloss. com is the hottest product in weight loss on the internet. So, I have 25 to lose so I am going to give it a shot.

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